Save Your Time

If you don’t want to wait in queue for your OPD consultation or want to visit at a specific day and time, you can save your waiting time by scheduling an appointment prior to visting the hospital. You can book your appointment online from the comfort of your home.

Terms & Conditions: Appointments can only be booked for morning OPDs at least 3 hours before, on specified days and times as per schedule above. Please reach well within time scheduled for your appointment. While we would do our best to honor all the appointments but at times some appointments may get delayed or cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances like medical emergencies or expediencies of any other nature. In such a case, we would try to inform the concerned person and reschedule the appointment on a priority basis. Appointment time for Medical Representatives would be only honored only if there is no patient in waiting que at that moment. Otherwise all such appointments should be taken up immediately after OPD hours.