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Best Hospital in Karnal

LIFE CARE Best Hospital in Karnal

Life Care Hospital, often regarded as the best hospital in Karnal, operates under the principle that the “Best Interest of the patient is the interest of Doctors”. We place immense value on honesty and transparency in our practice.

Life Care Hospital, located in Sector 7, Karnal, Haryana, is a contemporary medical and maternity hospital. Pioneering in the region, it is the first hospital in Karnal built on a government-approved hospital site, providing services since April 2007. We pride ourselves on being an entry-level NABH-accredited establishment, signifying our commitment to quality healthcare in Karnal.

We firmly believe that exceptional nursing care is as vital as accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. Operated by a team of attentive, caring, and proficient professionals, Life Care Hospital constantly aims to excel in delivering medical and maternity services. Our institution rests on the pillars of top-tier in-patient care, ongoing medical education, and advanced scientific knowledge. Upholding the highest ethics, the hospital thrives on teamwork and camaraderie, which form the heartbeat of our daily operations. Our continued commitment to these principles solidifies our reputation as the best hospital in Karnal.

Life Care Hospital: Best Hospital In Karnal
Best Hospital In Karnal
We realize that with today’s hectic lifestyle, your time and energy are precious. That is why we are committed to doing everything we can to make every interaction with our practice a pleasant, efficient, and personal experience.

Our staff is fully trained and well experienced and it is committed to providing the best standards and practices of in-patient care.

Life Care Hospital strives to be the best hospital in Karnal by adhering to the highest level of integrity, transparency, and honesty. We intend to provide holistic treatment in an ethical manner.

We value you as a patient, but more importantly, we treat you like a person, trying to understand you compassionately.

Our professional team

The doctors at Life Care Hospital Karnal are seasoned professionals, boasting over 20 years of experience. They personify qualities such as integrity, empathy, and a commitment to exceptional patient care, which continually propels them to the top of their fields. Our doctors serve not just as medical practitioners, but as trusted advisors to their patients, always prepared to lend an ear, comprehend their concerns, and deliver optimal care. Their dedication and expertise make Life Care Hospital Karnal the best hospital in Karnal for patients seeking superior healthcare.

Dr. Aarti Kaushal MD
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr. Gagan Kaushal
Dr. Gagan Kaushal MD
Consultant Physician
Satisfied Patients
Years in Operation
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Davinder Kamboj

Best hospital in karnal

Army Gamer

Best hospital in Karnal ,Dr Gagan and Dr Aarti kaushal best on his Work, very good nursing staff like Tannu, Manoj Kumar ,Dr Manoj Girdhar

Thumbs Up
Manoj Kashyap

Best hospital in karnal Dr Gagan kaushal and Dr Aarti kaushal very good behaviour and good Nursing staff also

Vaibhav Mehta

Very good hospital both for heart and maternity care , all the facilities are available such as lab test , x ray ,staff is very caring and co operative, dr. Gagan kaushal is a very experienced and nice doctor ,they attend thier patients very calmly.